Our Worship team is responsible with the Pastor for preparing all aspects of our worship. We have an active Worship Team of volunteers who love to serve and worship God.

Our Audio and Video team set up the sound system and set up the video system to run live streaming, and record the sermon videos, edit them as required and have them ready to upload to our website - Sermon page.

We need more volunteers to arrange our A/V system!! 

Would you like to SERVE on the Worship Ministry?

            If you belive that God has blessed you with Technical skills to SERVE HIM

               Please join our IT Team......  TIME COMMITMENT-  is ONLY 4 to 5 hours per month

              We welcome all...teenagers, students, youth, young adults, and adults.

Note: To Register to serve, please contact Moses Devara our 'IT  Ministry Chair' or email to secreatary@allsaintslutheran.ca 


Our Music team love music and use it to encourage and point people to Jesus. Our music is a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary music — We love to praise God by singing.

We need more volunteers!!

             If God has blessed you with the musical talents or with beautiful voices

             Please join our Music Ministry to PRAISE GOD

Note: To Register to serve, please contact our Pastor Doug Kranz for more music info or email to pastor@allsaintslutheran.ca


God Bless You