Healing Prayer Ministry

Jesus’ love and compassion for humanity is visibly demonstrated in His willingness and ability to heal His people. Jesus, throughout His Ministry, in the power of the Holy Spirit through His words and deeds, healed the blind, the lame, and set prisoners free.

His healing ministry has not stopped. All Saints, in the power of the Spirit through our words and deeds, desire to let Jesus bring God’s healing (salvation) to people. To demonstrate this All Saints offers an assortment of “hands on” ministries. From Parish Life involvement (helping our own parish family) to Church Life Ministry involvement (helping the people in the surrounding community) We strive to use our building, and people, to bring Jesus’ healing to all.

All Saints Prayer team 

The All Saints Prayer Team meets every Monday Evening at 7 pm, on zoom (613-8289284) . Everyone is encouraged to join the prayer group and welcome.  

The purpose of this prayer group is to:

  • develop a powerful community of committed individuals who PRAY together for urgent needs of our world and our congregation, 
  • support the ministries at All Saints Lutheran Church;
  • pray together weekly at ASLC in Ottawa, (and if away, to remain committed to pray at the same time wherever you are);
  • seek God’s will and purpose for the congregation of ASLC;
  • deepen our individual and corporate relationship with God;
  • respond to spiritual matters in the church, in Our world and with our leaders;
  • other needs — as God reveals.

Congregational Prayer Chain

All Saints is blessed to have a Prayer Chain who will intercede in prayer for you and also for anyone near and dear to you.

Submit your prayer request

Let us know how we can pray for you.

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